Ipé Beechworth Table with Amber Benches

Ipé  Beechworth Table with Amber Benches
SKU: JEN6405
53w x 53d x 27.5h

Ipé comes from the 2,120,000 acre Chiquitania forest reserve in Eastern Bolivia. Because of the nature of tropical dry forest, trees here grow very slowly. Consequently, some of the world's strongest and most durable woods come from the Chiquitania Forest. Ipé (also know as Tajibo in Bolivia), is among the most abundant tree species in these forests.  A strikingly beautiful chocolate-brown color, Jensen Ipé weathers with strength and elegance.  It is incredibly strong and dense, with very high wear durability. Weather has little to no negative effect on Ipé. A handsome chocolate-brown when new, the sun gracefully transforms Ipé to a mature, elegant silver patina.