Roble Outdoor Bench

Roble Outdoor Bench
SKU: JEN2100
48.5" wide x 27" deep x 37.75" high

Roble is a native hardwood from Eastern Bolivia, and has been known for decades in Europe as a premium garden furniture wood. It is highly valued for its outdoor stability and durability. Our Roble trees are at least 100 years old before they are harvested. The large size of Roble trees allows for wide board and clear cuttings of 100% heartwood, the most durable part of the tree. Only the heartwood portion of the tree is structurally stable and naturally resists swelling and contraction caused during seasonal changes in outdoor environments. This is important for the mortise and tenon joinery used in outdoor furniture.

There is no juvenile or sapwood in Jensen furniture. The lighter colored sapwood is considered non-durable and suffers from greater dimensional movement in service than solid heartwood.