Finishing Supplies

The dog days of finishing are over. Take advantage of some great products to make your lives easier.

Sand Paper

finishing supplies image Don’t work like a dog sanding anymore! Use 3M softback sanding sponges! They fit on standard palm sanders, are very flexible, easy to clean (rinse with water), and last a LONG time. They work great for buffing between coats of finish and are available in 4 different grades – fine enough to rub out finishes! Our favorite is the SUPERFINE grade.

Handi Painter Paint Pads

finishing supplies image Handi Painter paint pads are THE BEST applicators for large surfaces, way better than foam brushes!

Foam Brushes

finishing supplies image Use foam brushes for small surfaces and corners.

Fine Grit Sand Paper

finishing supplies image Prepare raw wood surfaces using fine grit sandpaper such as #180-#220. Use #320 for sanding in between coats.