Country Cottage Furniture Mission

Here at Country Cottage we believe in offering only earth and health friendly furniture made from quality materials like real wood or recycled milk bottles. Many of our pieces have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifications. What you won’t find here is veneered-over fiber board held together with formaldehyde resin, a common but little known contributor to allergy symptoms in many households.

The furniture you buy here is timeless, classic, and built to stand the test of time. We’re stocked full of quality pieces at affordable prices that you can take home today. If you’re not a DIY type, many of our manufacturers offer factory finishing or we will finish the piece for you here in our store, in any finish you choose.

Our mission is to help you find EXACTLY the piece you need. We specialize in custom sizes and finishes. Whether it’s one piece or a whole wall system, here you can get a custom built piece just for you to fit your space at a fraction of what most cabinet makers charge. That, our in-store custom finishing service, and our outstanding customer service is what makes us different from everyone else!